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Naučna konferencija „Challenges of High Education: from Globalization to Humanization“



Due to the 90 year anniversary, the Faculty of Philosophy- Skopje is organizing scientific conference of topic –“Challenges of High Education: from Globalization to Humanization”, scheduled on December 15th, 2910 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje.

High education faced with many challenges even in the past. But the challenges that are brought with them the processes of globalization demand profound reforms and changes in the higher educational process. These reforms and changes should make the high education one of the top intellectual and creative sources that will respond of the challenges that now humanity is faced with, including the critical thought and democratic processes in the era of computerizing of the society; renewal of economic vitality and job training in global conditions; implanting, promoting and respecting the basic human values in the tissue of the social structure; active participation in strengthening of the democratic processes and building of civil society, as well as maintenance of natural resources. Because of all this, the high education must be re-structured and put to profound reforms, all it resources must be put to use, as response to the new millennium that we are now part of.

The Organizational Council for this anniversary determined for these framework topics:

1. The role of high education in social changes in the 21st century.
2. Mobility in High education- challenge, necessity, possibility.
3. Long life learning- creator of society of knowledge.
4. High education- anywhere and anytime through the new technologies.
5. In the Hall of the Global university- university of the world and university for the world.
6. High Education in the Republic of Macedonia- are we on the right path?
7. The quality of educational offer in Republic of Macedonia and the modern job market in the EU.
8. History of universities and high education.

Your text, responding to one of the given topics, should follow these technical parameters:

1. Format of the text
   a. A4
   b. Margins: top- 2,5 cm; bottom-2,5 cm; left-2,5 cm; right-2,5 cm.
2. Abstract
   a. Number of words: max to 300.
   b. Language- Macedonian and English.
   c. Key words (max 5 key words with Times New Roman font with Macedonian support, size 11 pt. in Macedonian and English)
3. Text:
   - Length of text- up to 8 pages, not including the pages with references;
   - Font- Times New Roman, size 12 pt.;
   - Line spacing- 1,5;
   - the name and last name of the author should be put in the upper left corner, above the title of the paper and then two empty lines should be left out;
   - The quoting of references should be according the Harvard style:
1. Blainey, G, 2003, Black kettle and full moon: daily life in a vanished Australia, Penguin/Viking, Camberwell, Victoria.
2. Parikh, M & Verma, S 2002, 'Utilizing Internet technologies to support learning: an empirical analysis', International Journal of Information Management, vol. 22, no.1, pp. 27-46.
3. National electronic Library for Health. 2003. Can walking make you slimmer and healthier? (Hitting the headlines article). [Online] (Updated 16 Jan 2005)
Available at http://www.nhs.uk.hth.walking [last accessed on April 10th, 2005].

Important notice for the participators in the conference (deadlines):

1. Applying on a subject with abstract - 15.06.2010. (300 word abstract and 5 key words in English and Macedonian.)
2. Sending of full texts in electronic and hardcopy version - 25.09.2010.

Please, keep to the given parameters and deadlines. The texts that will not follow the given parameters and broke the deadlines will not be accepted.

It will be a special honour and delight if You take participation in this scientific conference.

Organizational Council for the 90 year
Anniversary of the Faculty of Philosophy in Macedonia.


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