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'Generations in Dialogue' Fellowship for Social Researchers 2010-2011

ERSTE Foundation Social Research Fellowship

“Generations in Dialogue”



Demographic changes affecting the social and economic transformation processes in Central and South-Eastern Europe are among the most significant challenges for the future of social cohesion and intergenerational solidarity.

The Social Development Programme of ERSTE Foundation invites researchers, scientists and practitioners from Central Europe, South Eastern Europe and Austria studying or dealing with socio-demographic change in Central - and South Eastern Europe to apply for fellowships. These fellowships will be awarded based on a proposal for a research paper or project dealing with the issue named below, in a theoretical, empirical or practical way.

“Migration and its effects on demographic and economic development in CEE”

Fellows will be selected by an independent jury.

The fellowship includes:
- Financial support for up to one year for the proposed paper or project;
- Invitation to a scientific conference;
- Affiliation with a network of researchers and practitioners interested in aging, migration and demographic change;
- Participation in internal workshops and a ERSTE Foundation Summer School dealing with selected aspects of aging, migration and sociodemographic change;
- Promotion/publication of results.

Target group:
Researchers, scientists and practitioners from Central Europe, South Eastern Europe and Austria studying or dealing with socio-demographic change in Central- and South Eastern Europe in a theoretical, empirical or practical way.

Time frame:
Applications until July 20, 2010
Pre-selection of potential papers/projects until August 31, 2010
Meeting of selected applicants for a final interview in October 2010;
Final decision on the selected papers/projects until end of October, 2010
Discussion of first results among selected applicants: March 2011, location tba.
Summer School: July 2011, location tba.
Publication of results: December 2011

Working/ publication language:

Financial support:
Subsidies for selected research activities, meetings, data purchase, expertinterviews, translation and travel expenses will be granted by way of a monthly stipend.

Applications may be handed in by e-mail or post until July 20, 2010 and should comprise an abstract of the proposed paper (max. 2 pages) and a CV.

The applications should be sent to:
ERSTE Foundation
Friedrichstraße 10
A-1010 Vienna
at: Alina Serban
Tel: +43(0)50100-15416
Email: alina.serban@erstestiftung.org

ERSTE Foundation

ERSTE Foundation is active in the Central and South Eastern European region. Together with its partners, it creates a hive of activity for common good. ERSTE Foundation is the legal successor of the 190-year-old “Erste oesterreichische Spar-Casse”, the first Austrian savings bank. Its two commitments are based on these historical roots: as the main shareholder ERSTE Foundation safeguards the future of Erste Group as an independent company and reinvests its dividend to support the common good. This makes ERSTE Foundation a unique institution of this kind and size in Central and South Eastern Europe .

Following its tradition, ERSTE Foundation seeks to reinvent the old idea of the savings banks by providing people who are unbanked or unbankable with access to the society trough alternative financial services. This major effort reflects its strong belief that communities can be stabilised by supporting self-determined existence of individuals.

The Foundation is a creative factory for ideas and innovation, a laboratory to explore the topics of the future. Creating strong networks is the key to this. It therefore first developed the three strategies of action that became the three programmes of the Foundation: Social Development, Culture and Europe .

The foundation wants to play an active role in linking actors and locations across borders, in analysing and shaping social change processes, documenting and contributing to the understanding of recent social development.

ERSTE Foundation provides the means for people to shape their own lives and contribute to building an active life and a fairer society. It understands culture as a driving force for an open society, and believes in its ability to forge links between diverse linguistic and geographical regions. It promotes the process of European integration by providing a platform for exchanging ideas, knowledge and initiatives.

Download this call for papers in .pdf format: Call for papers


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